Student Conference Award Program (S-CAP)


Have you ever wanted to attend a professional or academic conference? Do you have a paper you would like to present at a national meeting? Would you like to expand your networking opportunities? Are the travel expenses too costly? Then, S-CAP program is for you!

The Student Conference Award Program (S-CAP) is a travel grant designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to obtain funding to attend an academic or professional conference in their field of study. The maximum award is $600.00 and may include: travel, lodging, airport shuttle or taxi fees, and conference registration fees.

Program Eligibility Requirements and Limits:

  • Must be a registered UNM student at the time of the event.
  • Must be in a degree seeking program at the time of their event.
  • Must be in good academic standing, i.e. no academic probationary status.
  • Must submit application prior to attending event. 
  • Limit of two students may be awarded to a conference – if yours is the 3rd application received to a particular conference it will automatically be placed on a waiting list.
  • A student may only receive this award two times.

All awards are processed through the Student Financial Aid Office as Travel Grants and may be subject to taxation.

We accept applications each semester and begin accepting them approximately one (1) month prior to the first day of classes. (Based on the Office of Registrar's Academic Calendar)

*Each semester the funding period is counted from the first day of class (Based on the Office of Registrar's Academic Calendar) through the end of the following semester break.

  • We do not accept applications earlier than the posted date.
  • Your application must be submitted prior to attending the conference. 

Application Details

Application submissions are now open.  Each application received will be applied in the order received to the period that the event falls within. Funding period dates are as follows,

  • Fall 2023 (August 2, 2023 to December 16, 2023)
  • Spring 2024 (December 17, 2023 to May 11, 2024)
  • Summer 2024 (May 12, 2024 to July 30, 2024)

S-CAP Application Packet

Past Conferences

For more information contact Cathy Chalk at 277-7794.