Career Services offers services for undergraduate or graduate students, alumni, faculty, staff and qualifying community members. We assist with all phases of career development throughout the lifespan We help with choosing a major in your freshman or sophomore year to getting an internship in your junior year, to beginning your job search or applying to grad school your senior year. For graduate students, we help with a traditional or academic job searches among many other options. We provide career assessments, resume and cover letter writing assistance, mock interviews, career fairs, and on-site recruiting opportunities. Additionally, we offer Handshake, our huge online database, where you can find jobs and internships, and information about on-campus events. We also administer the Co-operative Education Program, where you can gain paid on-the-job experience while maintaining their full-time student status. We work with individuals via classroom presentations, through workshops, and in individual appointments. You are able to meet one-on-one with our Career Development Facilitators (CDFs) for quick drop-in meetings or for hour-long appointments.

CDFs are career development facilitators. They are here to help you in all your stages of career development, including finding a major, figuring out what that major means within a career, making your resume and cover letter work for you and also helping you decide on graduate school or finding that perfect job. Our CDFs are skilled at helping individuals become more aware of their personality, interests, and values and tying these to job families. We can help you explore majors and careers, and work with you to identify potential internship and employment opportunities. They can also assist you with specific job search skills such as resume writing and interview skills. They work with you one-on-one. You can come to walk-ins to meet with them or set up an appointment with your CDF.

Please stop by during our drop-in hours posted on home page of our web site. All of our CDFs are trained to help you in all career areas. Drop-ins are here to help you get the answers you need quickly. They are a great way to get as sense of where you are on your career path and how we can help you going forward. This is a great place ot make a follow up appointment with a cdf to get more in-depth support.

We can't schedule you today with your CDF, but we can try to coordinate your schedule with their schedule for another appointment. You are welcome to come in for our walk-in hours and see one of the CDFs. They can answer any questions and point you in the right direction.

Any of the CDFs can help you in a pinch. We can schedule you with another CDF so you can get the experience of a mock interview. You can also come in to drop-ins for quick advice and assistance.

Yes we can. Our CDFs meet with undeclared students, as well as students who are considering changing their major, to help explore majors and careers. We also offer several assessments to help evaluate your work values, interests and personality type. Our CDFs will discuss the assessments results and their implications for career-related decision-making.

While we are not a job placement service, we will assist you with many aspects of job search, from providing job posting and employer resources, to resume and cover letter writing, to networking basics, to mock interviews. 

Co-op is a great opportunity for you. Co-op is like an internship but it is paid. It goes on your transcripts, but it does not give you class credit. You do not have to pay for the class and you remain as a full time student while taking coop. It looks great on your resume as it relates to your major/degree and typically students who do coop get a higher salary than those that don't do a coop. Employers like to see "real-life" experience from their new hires. It gives you the competitive edge. For further information, you need to meet with your CDF and they can guide you through the steps and requirements for co-op.