Tips for Success

Internship Timeline

It's never too early to start planning for your internship.  The total process - finding an internship and applying and interviewing for it can take several weeks or even months.  Here is a general time line to assist you with the planning process.

Step 01 - Research Internships

  • Talk with your Career Development Facilitator to find out what internship resources are available to you on campus
  • Write your resume & cover letter
  • What responsibilities, compensation, experience would you like from your internship
  • Attend job fairs to find out about internship opportunities
  • Start researching internship opportunities

Step 02 - Apply for Internships

  • Apply online or by Lobo Career Connection
  • Practice your interviewing skills
  • Schedule mock interview with Career Services Office

Step 03 - Interview & Accept

  • Good LuckComplete an application for each complany where you would like to intern
  • Interview with employers
  • Send thank-you letter to each employer who gives you an interview
  • Accept an internship offer