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Request a Presentation

Send your presentation request to Autumn Collins at or, or call 505-277-2531. In order to best meet your presentation needs, please schedule presentation requests a minimum of 30 days in advance.

Classroom Presentations

Need someone to cover your class? Don't cancel! Invite us to do an informative presentation designed to give your students the competitive edge in today's job market. The following titles/descriptions represent sample presentation topics offered by the Office of Career Services. Please note, that each presentation topic is a suggested area of concentration and can be tailored to your specific group's needs.

Career Assessments

Request a formal or informal presentation for the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator or the Strong Interest Inventory. Fees and logistics will need to be discussed when requesting this presentation.

How Internship Experiences Maximize Employment Potential

More and more employers are creating internship programs geared toward helping students gain practical experience related to their field of study. Internships allow them to identify potential employment candidates. This presentation will identify internship opportunities and help students learn how to make an internship experience a reality.

Developing a Strategic Job Search

Students will discover the most effective methods of job searching, learn ways to increase job hunting success, discuss how to access a job offer, negotiate salary, and other strategies to help take control of their future.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing that Get Results

A resume and cover letter are the first and most important pieces of information about a candidate that a potential employer sees. Students will learn to go beyond the basics to develop written communications about themselves which will achieve the ultimate result -- getting that interview!

Effective Interviewing Strategies

Students will interview like professionals after discussing interviewing do's and don'ts, most frequently asked interview questions, and personal presentation. They will learn how careful preparation is the key to a confident, effective delivery which will yield employment offers.

Professional Etiquette and Attire for a Winning Job Search

Did you know many jobs are lost in the first five seconds due to the candidate's inability to create the right corporate image? Students will learn how to create a professional appearance, make proper introductions, use table manners, and adopt other self-marketing behaviors designed to increase employment potential.

Making a Career Fair Work

Many students do not know what a career fair is or how beneficial they are to all students regardless of major or class status. The value of a fair is greatly increased when participants know how to get prepared. In this presentation, students will learn what employers are looking for in appearance, resumes, interview skills, and follow-up procedures.

The Office of Career Services: Pathway to the future

Become aware of the wide range of resources and services the Office of Career Services has to offer, learn how we can benefit students in their freshman through senior years and beyond graduation, and connect with our staff at an orientation of the Career Development Center.