Chapter 1: UNM Overview


This section provides crucial information for UNM student employees to know including the University mission and general facts about the University.

Learning Objective:

Student workers will gain an understanding of the organization in which they work including culture, values and expectations:

General UNM Information:  


UNM Student Services:

Student Services, a division of the Office of Student Affairs, strives to provide students a seamless support system focused on the development of skills, aptitudes, and behaviors necessary to succeed in education, career, and life.

Under the leadership of Dr. Tim E. Gutierrez, Associate Vice President of Student Services, the division nurtures learning, engagement, and retention through supportive programs, active endorsement of graduate studies, and the promotion of health & well-being of every student.

Key elements of success that Student Services emphasizes are work ethic, integrity, respect, and education; or W.I.R.E. This manual was created by Student Services to address the ever-growing needs of our students employed at UNM. While working through this manual, keeping these core values in mind will accentuate the development of the five skill sets we are focusing on: communication, critical thinking, collaboration, research, and professionalism.