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Student Athletes

Lobo Center for Student-Athlete Success
1115 University Blvd
(North of Pit; West of Isotopes Park)
(505) 277-2303

Student Support and Service Center truly is a one-stop shop provided by the Division of Enrollment Services and the UNM Athletics Department to take care of all the needs of current and prospective students and student-athletes. This innovative blending of technology and specially trained and highly motivated professionals in one convenient location provides key services in admissions, financial aid, registration, veterans' outreach services, scholarships, tutoring and advisement.

How to Play up Sports on your Resume

Although many student athletes grow up clicking the heels of their ruby red Air Jordans and dreaming of going pro, the reality is that very few go on to be career athletes. In fact, according to the NCAA, only 1 percent of college athletes go on to play professionally—the rest enter the briefcase-toting world just like the rest of us.
But just because you’ve traded the locker room for the boardroom doesn’t mean you should put your glory days behind you altogether. Here are some tips for how to highlight your athletic background on a resume, in an interview, and once you’re on the job.

Student Athlete + Transferable Skills = Unlimited Opportunity

Being a student athlete offers a lot of skills and traits that can spark the interest of a potential employer or be helpful skills as a current student. We call these “transferable skills” since these are broad skills that are valuable to have as an athlete, but also just as valuable to have as a student or potential employee.

Five Reasons Why Athletes Make Great Employees

What sets you apart from the competition? How will your skills help an employer? Student athletes seem to have a tough time with their job search. Why? There are several skills and attributes athletes possess that would make a recruiter jump at the chance to hire them.