Let's Connect!

Faculty:  We want to connect with you.  You are a great connection to advise, educate and mentor students on their career path.  You have day-to-day contact with our students, as well as academic discipline expertise. Please feel free to refer students directly to us who might need our assistance with their career paths.  We are here to help connect your curriculum to career development, essential skills and employer connections as needed. 

Staff:  Staff play a strong and vital role connecting students to resources on our campus.  From navigating UNM to trying to understand their degrees, we need you to help us with getting students the career help they may need.  We are here to help!

Faculty and Staff:  Did you know our office is also here for you to explore your own career needs? This may include applying to new jobs, retirement paths, alternate careers, CV/Resume preparation, interviewing and much more.  We are YOUR career office as well. Call to schedule an appointment today!