General Information

help your student find their path

The Office of Career Services at the University of New Mexico is here to help your student succeed in college and in the world of work. Parents and guardians play an important role in the student’s college experience and their decisions after college. In order to help them be most effective, it is vital for you to understand the resources and opportunities that are available to your student. Our office provides beneficial support for students from their freshman year through graduate school and beyond. Please encourage your student to utilize our services.

Selecting a Major or Career

Selecting a major can be challenging for students but we are here to help! Encourage your student to come see us at Career Services. We have many different avenues that we can take when working with students that are in the process of choosing a major. Taking one or both of the career assessments that we offer maybe a helpful option; they are designed to help students identify their personality preferences, strengths, interests and maybe helpful to identify skills and how they translate them into majors and careers. Also, available on our website is a complete list of UNM majors and some of the career options that could be later available with the skills learned in that major.

Explore the many degrees offered by the University of New Mexico.

Remember, your student does not have to have a career in their major. Anthropology majors become business consultants, Philosophy majors become doctors and Political Science majors become computer scientists. There are many components to the career decision making process and sometimes the most important aspect can be their interest in the subject the skills they learn.