Getting Started

Welcome to UNM Career Services!

We are here to help you!  Whether you are just starting UNM or been here a while, we are here to help you with your professional and career development needs.  We do so much more than help you with your job search.  There are many stages to the career development process:

Know Yourself:  Understanding who you are, your interests, your values, and your abilities are all areas of exploration in figuring out your next steps in your career path.

Exploring Options: Understanding career areas, industry trends and what it might mean to go into a certain career.

Action Steps to Get There:  This is the goal setting and decision-making step.  Figuring out your career goals and taking steps to get there.

Getting There:  Gaining experience through internships, connecting with employers, seeking out jobs and opportunities to gain experience in your field. 

We can help with all these steps.  Do you want to figure out your major?  Do you want to explore internship opportunities for your field? Do you know your major but aren’t sure what career options are available?  Are you wanting to find a job after graduation? Looking at graduate school?  We can help you with these questions and more.  We are here to help you!

Define your college career path...