Chapter 6: Research & Assessment


Utilizing research and data to better understand and explain the world around you.

Introduction (Why is it important?):

These skills help you to better understand and explain the world around you. 

Learning Objectives

Understand the five sub sets of research and data assessment. The five sub sets of research and data assessment are:

Skills Development:

So, how does this relate to your student employment job?

Here is an example from student employee jobs here on campus:

Student Job on CampusResearch and Assessment Skills Developed
Career Services – Graphic Design student position Students will explore how we market and attract others through our graphic designs.  Using information gathered through our surveys, we can look at how we are effectively advertising/marketing our workshops, services and events. 

Here are how your academic classes can also help you learn effective professionalism skills:

ClassesResearch and Assessment Skills Developed
Eng 110, 112, 113 and 120Writing, researching, interviewing and reporting – all of these are developed through the class assignments.
Math 121, 129, 145Learning to understand numbers and their relationships.  Writing reports and gathering information through data.
UHON 202 (Math in the World)Understanding mathematical reasoning – systems of numbers, logic and being able to express what they mean in a concise way through assignments.