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Autumn Collins

Career Counseling Manager

14 years ago, Autumn happily called Albuquerque home. Starting at UNM as a counseling intern at Career Services, she discovered the joys of career counseling, love for the UNM community, and now proudly serves as the Career Counseling Manager. She has taught in various departments such as Anderson School of Management, University College, and Educational Psychology, reaching 1200+ UNM students since ’08. She is pursuing a PhD in Educational Psychology aiming for a 2020 graduation date. Autumn believes the privilege of leadership is the act of serving others, providing support to team members through creativity and collaboration. Helping to facilitate the growth of adults is her strongest passion.

Groups: Student Athletes; Community Members, LGBTQ Safe Zone Trainer

Projects: Grade 13 Staff Council, Teach EDPY 303 Human Development online