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Student Success Stories

Stephanie RochaStephanie Rocha

Graduating Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Services Used:

  • Engineering and Science Career Fair
  • Career workshops

I am the first in the family to attend college. I am the first in my entire family, cousins, aunts, uncles, and everyone to graduate as an engineer. As a freshman I decided to major in mechanical engineering, but I was not completely interested in the automobile industry, so I decided to focus on space exploration. As a college junior I applied to a NASA internship and later that year I was accepted and had to take a semester off of school to complete my internship at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in the state of Mississippi. This was a great opportunity for me, and having to make that choice of taking time off of school and moving to a different state where I did not know anyone was tough, but I do not regret it. I learned more about my field of study and met so many wonderful mentors.

Throughout my internship with NASA, I had the opportunity to travel to Kennedy Space Center in Florida, learn a different programming language, worked with autonomous control systems, witnesses how NASA conducts the tests of rocket engines that will be used for deep space exploration, met an astronaut and volunteered at the space and science museum during the weekends.

I encourage other students to look for internships early on, for they provide you with hands on experience and invaluable networking opportunities. During my time at UNM I attended the different engineering career fairs hosted by UNM’s career services, went to different workshops about how to write a resume or a personal statement. UNM has the resources for every student to be successful no matter what field of study they choose.

Felipe's Success Story

Felipe's Success Story

Services Used:

  • Walk in consultations to review CV and cover letter
  • Mock interview
  • Lobo Career Connection

Success Story:

"I graduated in December 2014 with my second Master’s degree from UNM in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology. Being an international student, I have a whole new set of challenges when it comes to job searching. Being aware of that, I looked for the help of Career Services early on. Prior to my graduation, I visited the office several times and met with career advisors such as Matt Apodaca, Tara Hackel, and Megan Phillips. They helped me with job searching, cover letter review, and resume review. I also had a recorded mock interview, which was extremely helpful in preparing me for the interview process. They even looked up jobs at UNM in my field and encouraged me to apply. Shortly after my graduation, all the help and resources from Career Services and my hard work landed me a job at the UNM School of Medicine as an Instructional Media Specialist. I am truly grateful for the services and people at UNM career Services. They go above and beyond their duty!"